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Barrett Rogers hails from Mattapoisett, MA, USA. His childhood was spent building forts, drawing, and taking apart electronics. His future in art & design was clandestine. After graduating from a tumultuous high school career he set out for Colorado...the journey may not have ended there, but it came full circle.

images below: brd and his tools.

Hopping from painting to sculpture to interior design majors, it took Barrett about 7 years of different colleges before landing, finally, at Pratt Institute - majoring in and eventually graduating for Industrial Design. The first seven years of college were not wasted in the least and led to the eventual conclusion of industrial design (after ten years in higher education). He was, however, not destined to do one thing and one thing only. Dipping his hands into everything has helped keep an even balance of inspiration and drive to create. For the time being Brdworks is based in Colorado - designing furniture, toys, packaging and other things for life.

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